Inside Magritte
e-motion Exhibition
Apr. 29. 2020 - Sep. 13.
Insa Central Museum
The first multi-sensory exhibition in Asia dedicated to the great surrealist master, René Magritte (1898-1967) presents a journey into an enigmatic and seductive world of the Belgian philosopher-artist.

René Magritte

The great Surrealist master of 20th Century 
René Magritte pursued ways of creating thought-provoking images that challenge observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. The most influential moment was when he came across a reproduction of Giorgio de Chirico, The Song of Love (1914). Since then he developed his own methods of creating mysterious scenes by depicting ordinary objects in an unusual environment. One of the main techniques Magritte employed was called dépaysement which continuously influenced pop art, minimalist art, and conceptual art in 20th-century art. 
Inside Magritte is the first multi-sensory experiential exhibition, curated with more than 160 works of Magritte's paintings, photographs, and documentaries. The presentation was designed with various media and technology for the visitors to explore the Surrealist world that Magritte created. 

Exhibition Content

Section 1: About René Magritte
- Walk down Magritte's chronology and learn about all the personal and historical events that influenced his career 
- Appreciate one of his key series of works, The Empire of Light in a meditative atmosphere with the music that his wife used to play while Magritte was painting 
Section 2: Play René Magritte
- Explore the interactive zone which features multimedia technology, AR photobooths, and a large pipe figure that is not a pipe
Section 3:  Magritte & Cinema
- Magritte's pictures and a few remained cinema works explain his approach to surrealist and mysterious imagery 
Section 4: Inside Magritte
- The main media room, originally conceived and produced by Crossmedia Group - Hepco and directed by the Fake Factory, all based in Italy, presents a total of 160 paintings that survey the artist's whole artistic career with the powerful music surrounding system 
Section 5: Magritte’s Surrealism
- Magritte's keen observation and contemplation of the relationship between objects and language was eventually built as his principal for surrealism 

  • Dates
    • April 29, 2020 - September 13, 2020 
    • Monday through Sunday (No closed day)
  • Hours
    • 10 AM - 8 PM (Monday through Sunday) 
    • Last entry at 7: 20 PM 
  • Location
    • Insa Central Museum (AnyoungInsadong B1) 
    • Insadong-gil 49, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Hosts
    • The Magritte Foundation, CrossMedia, GNC Media, Actis, GS Retail, IGIS Asset Management
  • Inquiries
    • 82-2)325-1077(8)