Special exhibition of The Palace of Versailles
The Glory of Versailles
Nov. 5. 2010 - Mar. 6. 2011
Hangaram Art Museum at Seoul Art Center
The exhibition brought together around 80 pieces of a wide variety of fine artworks such as paintings, sculptures, crafts, from the collections of the Palace of Versailles. A particularly evocative panorama of French arts in the 17th and 18th centuries, these treasures are shown for the first time in Korea.

Special Exhibition of Le Château de Versailles

: The Glory of Versailles

Exhibition of paintings and relics of the French royal family to be shown for the first time in Asia 

Special Exhibition of Le Château de Versailles is introducing 84 works from the collection of the Palace of Versailles, including paintings, sculptures and royal relics owned by the French royal family beginning from King Louis XIV to Louis XVI. It will be an exclusive opportunity to experience the culture and history of another country by introducing the French royal family for the first time in Asia.



Exhibition Content

Section 1. King Louis XIV, The Glorious Days
Since its creation, The Palace of Versailles has placed France at the centre of European culture since the Renaissance.
The attention was concentrated on the Palace, where new forms of arts were born. It was a period when architecture, sculpture, and interior decoration has developed and has influenced the important development of architectural and artistic styles of the 18th century.
Section 2. King Loui Louis XV, The Pinnacle of French Art
The decorative arts that developed around the Palace of Versailles reached the highest of its genre in Europe. The splendid decorative arts became the epitome of French art, which later led to the 'Rococo' style. It was at this time that French art reached its peak.
Section 3. Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI
After the middle of the 18th century, The classicism that pursued simplicity and restrained splendour of decoration has revived; a new form of art so-called 'Neo-classicism'. Through the series of furniture and accessories Marie Antoinette collected, we can discover the refined beauty added to the splendour symbolized by the Palace of Versailles.


  • Period
    • Nov. 5. 2010 - Mar. 6. 2011 
    • Closed every Monday of the last week
  • Hours
    • 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM  
  • Location
    • 1st Floor of Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center
  • Organiser
    • Seoul Art Center, The Palace of Versailles, SBS, GNC Media​
  • Sponsor
    • The France Embassy in Korea, L'Institut Français, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
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